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Were you abused?
Would you like to talk about it?
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To get in touch with us at White Flowers Alba for confidential support, or for assistance with disclosing, or any other enquiries please email us at, follow us on Twitter @liventhrivealba and on Facebook @liventhrivealba  

If you have any concerns for a child or a person’s welfare, contact the police on 101 in the first instance

North Ayrshire Catholic child Abuse in DIOCESE OF GALLOWAY

It is now becoming evident that ghastly crimes were committed against vulnerable Scots children by Catholic Clergy in North Ayrshire whilst in their charge.

Ever struggle speaking out about what happened to either yourself or someone you care about?

If something did happen to you, it is no longer your 'secret'. It was never normal, and never your fault, you were a child. Please have the courage to speak out. Know that you are not alone.

White Flowers Alba arranged my initial police interviews, without them I could never have taken such a massive step forwards into the light, I'm forever grateful

Currently we support growing number of survivors in North Ayrshire given the appalling extent of horrific abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy. Working closely with relevant agencies, we seek justice for all who suffered abuse or loss from criminal acts against children.

We resolutely endorse Police inquiries into North Ayrshire. As elsewhere across Scotland we support many victims and know abuse isn't your fault, bring a victim isn't to be ashamed of or hidden, it must see the light.

Restore your dignity.

If you have experienced childhood abuse, physical or sexual assault, and are living with the consequences it takes courage to reach out for help.

Know that we at WHITE FLOWERS ALBA will support you and listen to you and help you make decisions about what is most helpful to you. Any child may be a target of sexual violence and abuse; adult survivors are men, woman, older children, people with disabilities, people with different gender identities, people of any background or culture. Whatever your specific needs we are open to your experience. One need not face this darkness alone anymore, we will be there with you.

My foster carer told me “we won't hurt you today seeing it's yer birthday” I thought to myself, why can't they stop hurting me every day?

We are a survivor advocacy group initially composed of clerical abuse survivors who experienced sexual violence as children, we also have Care leavers and the families of children who were victims to abuse. We believe that our clients are best served by providing choices and options to individuals that will enable them to decide what support they need. We are committed to providing an accessible, confidential service that promotes dignity and self-worth for all our clients. Thus we give both emotional and practical support in the decision making process for our clients. This is accomplished by providing quality information and support service which is accurate, confidential, free, and independent.

The lady from the church told me never to ring her again, to be comforted by the knowledge, that when I die, I will go to heaven with all the other abused boys

We ensure that members seek to avoid alcoholism, drug dependency, self harm or suicide. Whilst opening up pathways to justice via the rule of law. Be that via working with HM Constabulary, the CPS or Crown office. WFA through strenuous efforts has good working relationships with the Home Office and the Scottish Government. We are currently looking at SCIO charity status and being mentored with a leading national charity.

The scoutmaster did horrible things to me on the camp, it was our secret, only now am I finally finding the strength to face my past

Our view with regards to the IICSA Inquiry is one of engagement, whilst have severe reservations over the O'Brien Scots Abuse inquiry, which seems to view survivors as collateral damage, offering them nothing, and excluding many on basis race, religion and location of their abuse, whilst forgetting the states duty of care and that no child could or would consent to abuse. It was criminal acts, all who suffered must have equality before the law and equal access to justice, with necessary support and representation as required. We have appointed legal counsel for both inquiries, which any member may access.

WHITE FLOWERS ALBA sees survivor engagement as a healing process, not merely 'surviving' per se but eventually, to live and thrive. In short order to restore dignity. We therefore raise these issues with the wider community and nationally in order to promote healing and stop further harm.

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Scrap the Rape Clause

We back #Scraptherapeclause Campaign

WFA are delighted to fully endorse Mandate Now's call for mandatory reporting of child abuse in 'regulated activities'

ISVA SERVICE: we will shortly provide a victim advocacy service with a Home Office certified ISVA, who will be the only the second in Scotland to provide a qualified INDEPENDENT SEXUAL VIOLENCE ADVISOR to assist survivors of childhood sexual violence with disclosure and all that entails in achieving justice. Read more here.

We are also hoping to commence an art therapy course for survivors of childhood sexual violence in the next few months 

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With heartfelt appreciation for all the support & advice given by many good people, some listed here:

Martin Crewe, Barnardos Scotland

Jean Hayes & Steve Moralee,
Cavell Nurses

Anne Davidson,
Benevolent Fund for Nurses Scotland

Tom Perry, Mandate Now

Alan Draper & all at INCAS,

Gary McAteer, Beltrami & co

& finally Margaret Ann Cummings, a true inspiration, bubbling with humanity

To get in touch with us at White Flowers Alba for confidential support, or for assistance with disclosing, or any other enquiries please email us at, follow us on Twitter @liventhrivealba and on Facebook @liventhrivealba  

If you have any concerns for a child or a person’s welfare, contact the police on 101 in the first instance

Registered Scottish Charity OSCR SCO47365